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Pavements & Buildings

Photographer: Monica Oppen
Categories: Bookwork / Photobooks, Small Press Books, Zines/Chapbooks

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Reference no.:L/Opp.M/09.04 Place/Shelf:1DL (small books)

Book title: Pavements & Buildings
Published by: Ant Press
Year made: 2009
Place made: Australia
Original: Yes
Dimensions: 90 x 140
Binder: stationery binding
Physical description: moleskine notebook
Medium: cut photographs
Further information:
"Photos taken in Sydney, sliced and cropped to focus on the buildings and the pavement. The viewer is the walker in the city.
Sticking photos into this pre-made book hints at the photo album but the images not being snapshots of people (friends or family) jolts the reader away from the traditional album." Monica Oppen

Photographer: Monica Oppen

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IMAGES: Pavements & Buildings

Pavements & Buildings - 1

Pavements & Buildings - 2

Pavements & Buildings - 3