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Chasing the Ideal Book

Artist writer: Carolee Campbell
Categories: Reference / Essays

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Reference no.:R/Cam.C/15.00 Place/Shelf:Verso/Code(X) monograph BOX

Book title: Chasing the Ideal Book
Published by: The Codex Foundation
Year made: 2015
Place made: USA
Original: Yes
Dimensions: 140 x 195
Binder: commercial binding
Physical description: stapled booklet
Further information:
This book is no. 13 in the Codex Foundation Code(x) + 1 Monograph Series.
"The Real World of Manuel Córdova is a long, single poem by W.S. Merwin consisting of forty-three fourteen-line stanzas. Upon reading it for the first time I knew I wanted to spend deep time working on it. The poem evokes the very essence of the mythological journey; of going for and coming back changed. It is an arduous journey, both through time and through terrain. The poem also describes an interior journey into the dream world. I flooded myself with information because what poetry does not impart—is information. Poetry is a door to the ineffable. My job, however, was to make a container to hold that ineffability." Carolee Campbell

Artist writer: Carolee Campbell

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