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The Wayzgoose Affair

Writer: Jadwiga Jarvis
Designer, concept: Jadwiga Jarvis
Categories: Reference / Catalogue, Essays

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Reference no.:R/C/NL/Jar.J/07.00

Book title: The Wayzgoose Affair
Published by: Wayzgoose Press
Year made: 2007
Place made: Australia
Original: Yes
Dimensions: 295 x 335
Binder: commercial binding
Physical description: hard cover cloth case binding with dust jacket
Further information:
"What is the purpose of this account? Perhaps I should begin by stating what it is not. 'The Wayzgoose Affair' is not a manual for aspiring letterpress printers, it doe not attempt to convert paperback devotees to better quality books, nor does it try to 'talk up' private press and artists' books as an investment. This book is a record of the joys and frustrations of utilizing the creative potential of a technology which, since its invention 560 years ago, has been put almost exclusively to commercial use. It is record of an unusual activity which, in spite or being carried out in the time and in the wrong place, has been successfully sustained for two decades." Jadwiga Jarvis (from the Foreword)

Writer: Jadwiga Jarvis
Designer, concept: Jadwiga Jarvis

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