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Blue Planet

Artist creator: Monica Oppen
Categories: Bookwork / Altered Books, Experimental Works

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Reference no.:L/Opp.M/10.00 Place/Shelf:3EL

Book title: Blue Planet
Published by: Ant Press
Year made: 2010
Place made: Australia
Original: Yes
(No. in Edition)
Dimensions: 290 x 290
Binder: bound by M Oppen
Physical description: multiple booklets bound in circle
Medium: pages cut from old books
Further information:
"To make this book, I've taken an old school atlas and cut out the map pages and refolded them and stitched them together in a away that there is no beginning or end. The book is circular. The sections can be unfolded. The small photographic images are from another book about life on earth. All organic forms. An atlas is a representation of the planet. We struggle constantly to capture the planet in a form we can understand." Monica Oppen

Artist creator: Monica Oppen

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IMAGES: Blue Planet

Blue Planet - 1

Blue Planet - 2