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Religious Convictions

Screen printmaker: Ross McMaster
Categories: Bookwork / Image-graphic Books, Printmakers' Books, Serigraph Print Books

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Reference no.:L/McM.R/10.00 Place/Shelf:1ER

Book title: Religious Convictions
Year made: 2010
Place made: Australia
Original: Yes
(No. in Edition)
Dimensions: 420 x 590
Binder: bound by M Oppen
Physical description: English library binding, cloth cover
Medium: collaged images and text
Further information:
"My current work questions the validity of organized religion within contemporary society. In a time when we readily vilify Islam for its actions, I believe it's time for us to take a close look at the recent record of Christianity. In particular Catholicism, its involvement in crimes against humanity and the relationship between the Vatican and Fascist regimes in the 20th century." Ross McMaster

This book is featured in 'The Silent Scream; political and social comment in books by artists'. For more information see PUBLICATIONS.

Screen printmaker: Ross McMaster

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IMAGES: Religious Convictions

Religious Convictions - 1

Religious Convictions - 2

Religious Convictions - 3

Religious Convictions - 4