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Petrol Station x 24

Artist creator: Monica Oppen
Categories: Bookwork / Photobooks, Small Press Books

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Reference no.:P/L/Opp.M/10.01 Place/Shelf:Ant Press PROOF BOX

Book title: Petrol Station x 24
Published by: Ant Press
Year made: 2010
Place made: Australia
Original: Yes
(No. in Edition)
Dimensions: 165 x 115
Binder: bound by M. Oppen
Physical description: stapled pamphlet
Medium: photographs
Further information:
"Following on from Ed Ruscha 26 Gasoline Stations this is 24 shots of the one petrol station. The photos taken over a period of months show the petrol crises that happened at the beginning of the 2nd US invasion of Iraq. 24 shots for the 24 hours in the day and for the 24 shots on a traditional roll of film. This petrol station has now been demolished to make way for an apartment building." Monica Oppen

Artist creator: Monica Oppen

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IMAGES: Petrol Station x 24

Petrol Station x 24 - 1

Petrol Station x 24 - 2

Petrol Station x 24 - 3

Petrol Station x 24 - 4