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History Box

Writer: Amanda O'Sullivan
Binder: Amanda O'Sullivan
Categories: Bookwork / Multi-media Books, Poetry/Proses/Text Works

Reference no.:L/O'Su.A/07.00 Place/Shelf:4nthDR

Book title: History Box
Year made: 2007
Place made: Australia
Original: Yes
(No. in Edition)
Dimensions: 125 x 135
Binder: bound by A. O'Sullivan
Physical description: six concertina fold books housed in flip top box
Medium: sewing machine stitched text
Further information:
"A set of six books that expand to reveal a thread of memories about the artist’s family. Each book represents a precious memory about special family members stitched in red and honours memories of the plast and hints at ideals of the future." Amanda O'Sullivan
This book was exhibited in 'Lessons in History' at Grahame Galleries and Editions, 2007.

Writer: Amanda O'Sullivan
Binder: Amanda O'Sullivan

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IMAGES: History Box

History Box - 1

History Box - 2

History Box - 3

History Box - 4