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Title (click for details) Artist/s Publisher Year Image
The Blue Notebooks Vol.7 no.1 Editor: Sarah Bodman
Contributor: Kate Morrell
Contributor: Holly Pester
Contributor: Barrie Tullett
Contributor: Dave Dyment
Contributor: Andrew Blackley
Contributor: Bas Fontein
Contributor: Nicolas Frespech
Contributor: Gustavo Grandal Montero
Contributor: Julie Barratt
Contributor: Monica Oppen
Contributor: David Dellafiora
Contributor: Anwyl Cooper-Willis
Contributor: Rodrigo Arteaga
Contributor: Jeremy Dixon
Impact Press UWE 2012
The Blue Notebooks Vol.7 no.1
Dead Search Artist creator: Sarah Bodman
- 2012
Dead Search
The Blue Notebooks Vol.7 no.2 Editor: Sarah Bodman
Contributor: Aymee Smith
Contributor: Beth Williamson
Contributor: Daniel Speight
Contributor: Alessandro Ludovico
Contributor: Ellen Golla
Contributor: Emma Powell
Contributor: Alexander Mouton
Contributor: Jim Butler
Contributor: Benedict Phillips
Impact Press UWE 2013
The Blue Notebooks Vol.7 no.2
JAB 39 Journal of Artists' Books Editor/publisher: Brad Freeman
Contributor: Tim Mosely
Contributor: Sarah Bodman
Contributor: Lyn Ashby
Contributor: Marian Crawford
Contributor: Caren Florance
Contributor: Angela Gardner
Contributor: Victoria Cooper
Book and Paper Center for Book and Paper Arts 2016
JAB 39 Journal of Artists' Books
Artist's Book Yearbook 2020-2021 Editor/publisher: Sarah Bodman
Essay writer: Alexander Campos
Essay writer: Monica Oppen
Essay writer: Caren Florance
Centre for Fine Print Research, UWE 2019
Artist's Book Yearbook 2020-2021

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