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Title (click for details) Artist/s Publisher Year Image
The Blue Notebooks Vol.6 no.1 Editor: Sarah Bodman
Contributor: Jon McNaught
Contributor: Katie Herzog
Contributor: Heidi Neilson
Contributor: Steve Daiber
Contributor: Pauline Lamont-Fisher
Contributor: Hanne Matthiesen
Contributor: Maja Wismer
Contributor: Hinrich Sachs
Contributor: Simon Goode
Contributor: Joan Stoltman
Contributor: Michalis Pichler
Contributor: Hazel Grainger
Impact Press UWE 2011
The Blue Notebooks Vol.6 no.1
The Blue Notebooks Vol.6 no.2 Editor: Sarah Bodman
Contributor: Cath Fairgrieve
Contributor: Jane Simon
Contributor: Christa Harris
Contributor: Caren Florance
Contributor: Adam Murray
Contributor: Nicolas Frespech
Contributor: Tim Mosely
Contributor: Jon Dunning
Contributor: Andrew Williams
Contributor: Alexandra Czinczel
Impact Press UWE 2012
The Blue Notebooks Vol.6 no.2
Square Scapes Artist photographer: Simon Bernhardt
- 2012
Square Scapes

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