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Title (click for details) Artist/s Publisher Year Image
Multiple Pleasures Images/graphics: Richard Tipping
Thorny Devil Press 2000
Multiple Pleasures
Instant History Writer: Richard Tipping
Thorny Devil Press 2007
Instant History
The Material Poem Editor/publisher: James Stuart
Contributor: Alex Selenitsch
Contributor: Jadwiga Jarvis
Contributor: Normana Wight
Contributor: Anne Kirker
Contributor: Ruark Lewis
Contributor: Peter Lyssiotis
Contributor: Richard Tipping
Non-generic Productions 2007
The Material Poem
Subvert i sing Digital image maker: Richard Tipping
Red Fox Press 2008
Subvert i sing
Off the Page (and Back Again) Profiled artist: Richard Tipping
Writers' Forum 2010
Off the Page (and Back Again)
Notes Towards Employment Poet: Richard Tipping
Picaro Press 2011
Notes Towards Employment

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