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The Significant Travel

Artist creator: Ying-Chieh Liu
Categories: Bookwork / Digital Books, Image-graphic Books, Scrolls & Concertina Books

Reference no.:L/Lin.Y.C/11.00 Place/Shelf:4sthDR

Book title: The Significant Travel
Year made: 2011
Place made: Taiwan
Original: Yes
(No. in Edition)
Dimensions: 150 x 210
Binder: bound by Ying-Chieh Liu
Physical description: concertina fold in card cover binding
Medium: drawings
Further information:
"Interested in preserving the duration of memory, I use books to be the carrier of my creations; through the characteristic of page flipping, showing the movement of time and space, resulting in continuous dynamic imagination.
"The motivation of my travel is to fulfill the image creation mode with books as the carrier, through the moving of the real body, trying to let my real life imitate my duration of memory.
"On the road, I opened my book and accumulated my strokes page by page. Pages carry the fragments of time, page flipping creates the flux of becoming, books show the duration of the entire life.
"'Creative Journey' is really intended to let the external journey imitate the internal imagination. However, the state of travel itself also lets the creator in contact with unexpected strong stimulation. Experience of these incidents will not disappear overnight. After a long period of precipitation, memories of the last trip will become the base of the next trip; reality and imagination will imitate and promote each other.
"Through the mode of growth and stacking, repetition and extension to structure the image. Intend to show a spiritual depth instead of the virtual image of three-dimensional distance. Frames in the pages show the sequences of time and space; montage the complex, staggered time and space to express dreams and memories." Ying-Chieh Liu

Artist creator: Ying-Chieh Liu

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IMAGES: The Significant Travel

The Significant Travel - 1

The Significant Travel - 2

The Significant Travel - 3

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