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Nothing is Done

Images/graphics: Klaus Staeck
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Reference no.:NL/Sta.K/11.00 Place/Shelf:4nthBR

Book title: Nothing is Done
Published by: Goethe Institut
Year made: 2011
Place made: Germany
Original: Yes
Dimensions: 105 x 145
Binder: commercial binding
Physical description: soft cover, 'perfect' binding
Medium: posters
Further information:
"'Nichts ist erledigt/Nothing is done'. This is the sentence Klaus Staeck chose as the title for his exhibition of posters on the problems facing the environment. It sounds like the impassioned outcry of a person looking despondently at the chaos in which the world presents itself. Yet it also has the character of an appeal or summons: if nothing is done yet, there are good reasons to continue the clean-up and enlightenment efforts." Leonhard Emmerling (from the introduction)

Images/graphics: Klaus Staeck

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IMAGES: Nothing is Done

Nothing is Done - 1

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