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Manuscripts no. 1

Editor/publisher: Harry Tatlock Miller
Contributor: Christian Waller
Categories: Bookwork / Anthologies, Poetry/Proses/Text Works, Printmakers' Books

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Reference no.:H/NL/Anth/Manu/31-35.01 Place/Shelf:3DL

Book title: Manuscripts no. 1
Published by: The Book Nook
Year made: 1931
Place made: Australia
Original: Yes
Dimensions: 190 x 250
Binder: commercial binding
Physical description: soft cover, multi-section, stitched
Medium: poetry, prose, essays / linocuts
Further information:
A literary and art criticism magazine published in Geelong, Victoria, Australia 1931-35. Edited (principally) by Harry Tatlock Miller.

"Once upon a time there was a proprietor of one of the smallest bookshops in the world, who was very young, ambitious, hopeful, and full of faith like all young men. I mean of course, all earnest young men. And one day of the days, while quietly sitting in the peace of his shop, he wondered how he could entice inside more of those people who daily hurried past his door. Often-times these people seemed too busy to 'stand and stare' and the proprietor was very disheartened. do not forget that he is a very young, young man. After a long inward discussion, he decided to write a pamphlet about his bookshop and books.
He found this task harder that he had expected; so, acting on an impulse, asked the next person who came in would he—or was it she?—care to help and write something also. Thus he found what a kind world he lived in, for always he was answered in the affirmative. And so it began—a little Magazine of Book Reviews. How was it to end?"
(from the 'Proem...)

Contributors also include Marjorie Wood, A.N. Baldwinson, F. Keith Cheetham, Helen Fairhall, Ola Cohn, Lester Way, Charles M. Hill etc.

Editor/publisher: Harry Tatlock Miller
Contributor: Christian Waller

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