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Democracy Counts

Artist creator: Jan Davis
Categories: Bookwork / Drawn/Painted Books, Image-graphic Books

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Reference no.:L/Dav.J/12.00 Place/Shelf:1DR

Book title: Democracy Counts
Year made: 2012
Place made: Australia
Original: Yes
(No. in Edition)
Dimensions: 300 x 200
Binder: bound by J Davis
Physical description: stitched booklet
Medium: graphics
Further information:
"Two meanings of the word 'count' are in play in this work; (i) to be significant, and (ii) the act of determining the total number of something. In 'Democracy Counts', Davis reflects on the electoral system, which makes a parliament accountable to the people. Small watercolour marks represent a vote for one of the three parties. Each vote has been meticulously numbered in graphite pencil. The votes accumulate as the reader proceeds through the thirty-two pages of the book, until the total number is determined for each party and translated into seats in parliament." Jan Davis
This book was part of the exhibition 'Lesson in History II: Democracy' at Grahame Galleries and Editions, 2012.

Artist creator: Jan Davis

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IMAGES: Democracy Counts

Democracy Counts - 1

Democracy Counts - 2

Democracy Counts - 3