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Drawing the Step

Artist creator: Antonia Aitken
Categories: Bookwork / Intaglio Print Books, Letterpress Books, Printmakers' Books, Scrolls & Concertina Books

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Reference no.:L/Ait.A/12.00 Place/Shelf:2BR

Book title: Drawing the Step
Year made: 2012
Place made: USA
Original: Yes
(No. in Edition)
Dimensions: 170 x 380
Binder: bound by A Aitken
Physical description: concertina fold with raw wooden board covers
Medium: graphics, text
Collaborations: Women's Studio Workshop
Further information:
This work records visually the action of walking, a trip that the artist made daily from her residence to the workshop. She records seven walks by strapping two etching plates to her chest and marking them with each step, "right hand for left foot, left hand for right foot". The work also includes a CD soundtrack of the walks.

Artist creator: Antonia Aitken

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IMAGES: Drawing the Step

Drawing the Step - 1

Drawing the Step - 2

Drawing the Step - 3

Drawing the Step - 4