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Pegueñas historias contadas mi

Artist creator: Ycel A. Jimenez Alcolea
Collaborator: Steve Daiber
Categories: Bookwork / Poetry/Proses/Text Works, Serigraph Print Books

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Reference no.:L/Jim.Y/07.00 Place/Shelf:4nthBR

Book title: Pegueñas historias contadas mi
Published by: Red Trillium Press
Year made: 2007
Place made: Cuba
Original: Yes
(No. in Edition)
Dimensions: 205 x 200
Binder: bound by Y A Jiménez Alcolea
Physical description: soft cover, stab binding
Medium: text, graphics
Collaborations: Steven Daiber
Further information:
The title translates 'Short stories told my me'.
"'Pequeñas Historias contadas por mi' is a moving narrative, laced with humor and the biting wit of a young Cuban woman’s observation of life in Havana. The text is read with the images moving left to right, right to left and diagonally across the page." (from the Red Trillium Press website)

Artist creator: Ycel A. Jimenez Alcolea
Collaborator: Steve Daiber

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