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Der Malik-Verlag 1916 - 1947

Curator: Wieland Herzfelde
Writer: Wieland Herzfelde
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Reference no.:R/C/Her.W/67.00

Book title: Der Malik-Verlag 1916 - 1947
Published by: Deutsche Akademie der Künste zu Berlin
Year made: 1967
Place made: Germany
Original: Yes
Dimensions: 160 x 240
Binder: commercial binding
Physical description: soft cover, stab binding
Further information:
"Leftist publishing house founded in 1917 by intellectual Wieland Herzfelde; known for its connection to the Berlin Dada movement. Named after the novel 'Der Malik' (The Malik) by the Expressionist writer Else Lasker-Schüler. Published the four-page satirical broadsheet 'Jedermann sein eigner Fussball' (Everyone his own soccer ball) (February 15, 1919) and its successor 'Die Pleite' (Bankruptcy) (1919–20), both censored. Also issued the radically leftist periodical 'Der Gegner' (The adversary) (1919–22/24), with contributions by Herzfelde and George Grosz, as well as Herzfelde's brother, artist John Heartfield, among others. After relocating to larger space near the Potsdamer Platz, opened Galerie Grosz in December 1923, enabling Grosz and other artists whose illustrations were published by Malik-Verlag, such as Heartfield, Heinrich Maria Davringhausen, Rudolf Schlichter, and Otto Schmalhausen, to exhibit and sell their works. Served primarily as publisher of acerbic, socially critical portfolios and illustrated books by Grosz; issued some ten titles, including 'Gott mit Uns' (God with Us) (1920), 'Ecce Homo' (1922), and 'Hintergrund' (Background) (1928), which resulted in three major censorship trials. Also published numerous books of history, fiction, and theory, typically marked by leftist political agenda. Herzfelde fled to Prague in March 1933; all Malik titles were subject to Nazi confiscation and were included in the infamous book burning of May 10, 1933. Continued publishing activity in exile, first in Prague and, since 1934, also in London. Emigrated to New York in 1939 and co-founded Aurora Press with other German-speaking writers in exile in 1944." (from Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) website)
The history is plotted in this exhibition catalogue with the key essay written by Wieland Herzfelde, founder of the Malik-Verlag

Curator: Wieland Herzfelde
Writer: Wieland Herzfelde

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