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The Book of 3 Times

Writer: Alex Selenitsch
Categories: Reference / Catalogue, Manifesto

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Reference no.:R/Sel.A/13.00

Book title: The Book of 3 Times
Published by: Codex Australia
Year made: 2013
Place made: Australia
Original: Yes
Dimensions: 148 x 210
Binder: commercial binding
Physical description: stapled booklet
Further information:
Chapbook number 1. In this chapbook Alex Selenitsch talks about the book, his ideas and insights. It also catalogues his few of his books.
"...pine, plum and bamboo are images of three different kinds of duration, of time. Pine is static, silent and unmoving; plum is cyclic with predictable but varying repetitions of growth and decay; bamboo is always moving and bustling, endlessly flowing. The analogue easily jumps to the BOOK. This remarkable object, itself as complex as a tree, is the winter that holds the three durations together and through which they cam make themselves known." Alex Selenitsch

Writer: Alex Selenitsch

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