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At The Edge

Artist creator: Allison Brebner
Artist creator: John Brebner
Categories: Bookwork / Letterpress Books, Printmakers' Books, Relief Print Books, Small Press Books

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Reference no.:L/Bre.A-J/06.00 Place/Shelf:1DR

Book title: At The Edge
Published by: Homeprint
Year made: 2006
Place made: Aotearoa New Zealand
Original: Yes
(No. in Edition)
Dimensions: 258 x 205
Binder: bound by J. Brebner
Physical description: codex, case binding
Medium: text, graphics
Further information:
Printed on brown paper bags this books is a humorous and nostalgic environmental statement reminding us to recycle, reuse and reduce our waste. The use of images from yesteryear reminds us that once the production of waste was less in a society that didn't have a throw away attitude.

Artist creator: Allison Brebner
Artist creator: John Brebner

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IMAGES: At The Edge

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