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The Products of Wealth

Writer: Jas Duke
Photomonteur: Peter Lyssiotis
Publisher: Peter Lyssiotis
Categories: Bookwork / Letterpress Books, Photobooks, Poetry/Proses/Text Works, Small Press Books

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Reference no.:L/Lys.P-Duk.J/97.00 Place/Shelf:2AL

Book title: The Products of Wealth
Published by: Masterthief (Enterprises)
Year made: 1997
Place made: Australia
Original: Yes
(No. in Edition)
Dimensions: 196 x 285
Binder: bound by N. Doslov, Renaissance Binding
Physical description: 7 stitched single sections, boxed
Medium: photomontage, photographs, poetry
Further information:
"Political photomontage at the pointy end in the manner of John Heartfield. A design reminiscent of the Constructivists. Here photomontage is the pit bull of the arts. This is both a demarcation point and a summation of earlier work which allows a new direction to enter my artistic practice." Peter Lyssiotis

This work comprises of seven booklets of which the seventh is the colophon. 'The Products of Wealth' was made in memory of Jas Duke.

This book is featured in 'The Silent Scream; political and social comment in books by artists'. For more information see PUBLICATIONS.

Writer: Jas Duke
Photomonteur: Peter Lyssiotis
Publisher: Peter Lyssiotis

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IMAGES: The Products of Wealth

The Products of Wealth - 1

The Products of Wealth - 2