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Eyewitness (corporate plan 2008-2009)

Images/graphics: Peter Lyssiotis
Images/graphics: Theo Strasser
Categories: Bookwork / Image-graphic Books, Photocopy/Xerox, Unbound Works

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Reference no.:NL/Lys.P-Str.T/09.00 Place/Shelf:1EL

Book title: Eyewitness (corporate plan 2008-2009)
Published by: Anajah Press/Masterthief
Year made: 2009
Place made: Australia
Original: Yes
Dimensions: 310 x 440
Physical description: loose sheets with paper wrap cover
Medium: photo-montage, graphics, text
Further information:
This folio of 10 photocopied prints was made to accompany the exhibition of 'Eyewitness', a suite of paintings which evolved from the book of the same name, (also held in this collection). The exhibition showed at Shepparton Regional Gallery, Shepparton and at GallerySmith, North Melbourne in 2009.

Images/graphics: Peter Lyssiotis
Images/graphics: Theo Strasser

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IMAGES: Eyewitness (corporate plan 2008-2009)

Eyewitness (corporate plan 2008-2009) - 1

Eyewitness (corporate plan 2008-2009) - 2

Eyewitness (corporate plan 2008-2009) - 3

Eyewitness (corporate plan 2008-2009) - 4

Eyewitness (corporate plan 2008-2009) - 5