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Seventeen Questions About the Iraq War

Artist creator: Peter Schumann
Categories: Bookwork / Image-graphic Books, Offset Books, Printmakers' Books

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Reference no.:NL/Sch.P/08.00 Place/Shelf:4sthDL

Book title: Seventeen Questions About the Iraq War
Published by: Bread & Puppet Press
Year made: 2008
Place made: USA
Original: Yes
Dimensions: 138 x 215
Binder: commercial binding
Physical description: stapled booklet
Medium: graphics, text
Further information:
"In February and March, 2008, Peter Schumann carved these images into twenty-one panels of masonite, each measuring four feet wide by eight feet tall. Printing, with black latex house paint onto muslin sheets, was done in the Bread and Puppet print shop in Glover, Vermont during March and April, by printer Lila Winstead and puppeteers Maura Gahan, Noah Harrell and Danny McNamara, assisted by Diana Sette and Greg Williams... Some were mounted on bamboo sticks provided by Marianne Ross for Washington DC and by Great Small Works for the New York City events.
In the ensuing weeks the banners were used: by the War Resisters League in front of the IRS in Washington DC; in an anti-war parade in Burlington and at peace vigils in Barton, Newport and Montpelier, Vermont; and as a prologue to the Bread and Puppet show, 'Photographs of my Corpse: A Puppet Service for Guantanamo', at Time Space Ltd. in Hudson, NY." (from the publishers note)

Artist creator: Peter Schumann

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IMAGES: Seventeen Questions About the Iraq War

Seventeen Questions About the Iraq War - 1

Seventeen Questions About the Iraq War - 2

Seventeen Questions About the Iraq War - 3