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The Great Breath

Relief printmaker: Christian Waller
Publisher: Richard Griffin
Categories: Bookwork / Illustrated Books, Printmakers' Books, Relief Print Books, Small Press Books

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Reference no.:L/F/Wal.C/78.00 Place/Shelf:2BR

Book title: The Great Breath
Published by: Gryphon Books
Year made: 1978
Place made: Australia
Original: No (facsimile)
(No. in Edition)
Dimensions: 220 x 400
Binder: bound by R Griffin
Physical description: single section binding with cloth wrap around cover
Medium: graphics, text
Collaborations: Klytie Pate,
Further information:
The book carries the subtitle: A Book of Seven Designs.
The original was published by Waller under the The Golden Arrow Press, in 1932.
"Christian Waller was a Theosophist, beliefs which inform 'The Great Breath'; in particular the Golden Dawn Movement. The central theme of the book is the evolution of the human race, based on the writings of Madame Blavatsky, the founder of the Theosophist movement, in particular her book 'The Secret Doctrine' (1888-97); the introduction stated 'a book of seven designs, each design a symbolic rendering of the impulse behind an individual Root Race of the present world cycle'. The designs draw upon ancient Egyptian and Greek imagery, and symbolism from a number of sources including the Zodiac, as well as art deco and modernist design." (from the Art Gallery of NSW website)
Waller intended the edition to be 150 copies but only about 30 were made. A facsimile was published by Richard Grifffin in 1978. The format of the facsimile is smaller and the images are not printed on translucent paper as they were in the original. It was done in collaboration with Klytie Pate, Waller's niece.

Relief printmaker: Christian Waller
Publisher: Richard Griffin

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IMAGES: The Great Breath

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