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The History of/my Wor(l)d

Artist writer: Johanna Drucker
Designer, concept: Johanna Drucker
Categories: Bookwork / Offset Books, Poetry/Proses/Text Works

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Reference no.:NL/F/Dru.J/95.00 Place/Shelf:3GR

Book title: The History of/my Wor(l)d
Published by: Granary Books
Year made: 1995
Place made: USA
Original: No (facsimile)
Dimensions: 220 x 290
Binder: commercial binding
Physical description: stitched case binding, hard cover, dust jacket
Medium: poetry, proses, graphics
Further information:
"'The History of the/my Wor(l)d' provides a striking alternative to the familiar telling of historical events. Johanna Drucker's account of mythic and major moments in the course of western civilization marches roughshod over received traditions. When before has anyone called Alexander the Great by a diminutive of his first name? Or published a documentary photograph of the Last Supper? Or of Moses taking his first tentative steps into the waters of the Red Sea? This work interweaves references and irreverence, humor and insight, poetic language and an eclectic imagination..." (from the dust jacket)

"Several themes interweave in this book: a feminist rewriting of the history of the world, an opposition between official history and personal memory, a critique of feminist theoretical attitudes towards language as patriarchal, and all sorts of graphical and textual puns and play. The book is a tribute to my mother, and the drum majorette who opens the book is a figure that corresponds to her early years, youth, and activities as a baton twirling teen in Downer's Grove, Illinois. I had learned language, and literature, through an intense and intimate relation with her. The feminist dogma of language as patriarchal didn't fit the erotic and personal experience of my relation to the literary through the relation to her, even male identified as she was. She may have been the law, and the symbolic, but she was fiercely feminine and feminist as well. So the red text erupts through the black, making memory a strain of presence within the history retold." (Johanna Drucker, Project Statement, from http://www.artistsbooksonline.org)
The copy held in this collection is from the second edition.

Artist writer: Johanna Drucker
Designer, concept: Johanna Drucker

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