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The Blue Book of Flooding

Artist creator: Bronwyn Rees
Categories: Bookwork / Intaglio Print Books, Poetry/Proses/Text Works, Printmakers' Books

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Reference no.:L/Ree.B/19.00 Place/Shelf:2C

Book title: The Blue Book of Flooding
Year made: 2019
Place made: Australia
Original: Yes
Dimensions: 510 x 190
Binder: bound by B Rees
Physical description: stab binding
Medium: text, graphics
Further information:
"This is a companion piece to 'Music and Mathematics', not conceptually, but as an unconscious shadow piece. By this I mean I used it to trial the format and binding, using scraps that were lying around and with no planning or clear intention... when I needed to develop works about the mouth of the Murray River, I declared this one, and found a scientific statement about why the river was in such a parlous state." Bronwyn Rees

Artist creator: Bronwyn Rees

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IMAGES: The Blue Book of Flooding

The Blue Book of Flooding - 1

The Blue Book of Flooding - 2

The Blue Book of Flooding - 3