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You are

Artist creator: Tia Blassingame
Categories: Bookwork / Printmakers' Books, Relief Print Books

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Reference no.:L/Bla.T/19.00 Place/Shelf:1BR

Book title: You are
Published by: Primrose Press
Year made: 2019
Place made: USA
Original: Yes
(No. in Edition)
Dimensions: 243 x 310
Binder: bound by T Blassingame
Physical description: stab binding
Medium: pressure prints, text
Further information:
"In 'YOU ARE', the artist places herself as a stand-in to explore black womanhood through the standard descriptors of white womanhood. Starting with Hallmark movie descriptions, the artist noted the adjectives used to describe the primarily white protagonists of romantic films. The assembled words are seldom used to describe African American women and girls. The artist created a second list of terms that she felt were not considered realistic descriptions of them due to prejudice, hate, fear, ignorance. Black girls, and all black children, are rarely viewed as innocent or childlike, but as disjointed shadows or threats. Black women are seldom viewed as beautiful or acceptable romantic protagonists as evidence by the dearth of such in Hallmark romance movies." Tia Blassingame
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Artist creator: Tia Blassingame

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