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Libro Illeggibile Bianco e Rosso

Artist creator: Bruno Munari
Categories: Bookwork / Dynamic Page Books

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Reference no.:NL/Mun.B/53.00 Place/Shelf:2DL

Book title: Libro Illeggibile Bianco e Rosso
Published by: Hilversum, Steendrukkerij de Jong & Co
Year made: 1953
Place made: Netherlands
Original: Yes
Dimensions: 255 x 255
Binder: commercial binding
Physical description: single section with folded cover
Medium: cut paper
Further information:
"What on earth are these 'Libri Illeggibile'? They are books without words, with pages that are cut in different ways and pages in different colours. Like this book that is wrapped in this sheet. You turn the pages as though you were reading, and you will find many geometric designs. If you come across one you like more than the others you can frame it until you change your mind..." (from Munari's Books)
This book is an early example of Munari's imaginative bookmaking skills. It is comprised of alternating red and white sheets which have been cut to create a flexible narrative of geometric shapes. Conceptually the book harks back to the works of the Constructivists.

Artist creator: Bruno Munari

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IMAGES: Libro Illeggibile Bianco e Rosso

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