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Artist printmaker: Susann Pönisch
Categories: Bookwork / Drawn/Painted Books, Printmakers' Books, Relief Print Books

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Reference no.:L/Pön.S/19.00 Place/Shelf:4nthBL

Book title: Grün
Year made: 2019
Place made: Germany
Original: Yes
Dimensions: 215 x 295
Binder: bound by S Pönisch
Physical description: case binding, hard cover
Medium: graphics
Further information:
"The book 'Grün' (Green) is dedicated to the colour itself and, in particular, the green as it arises in nature. The colour shows the cycle of life. There is the green in spring when everything blossoms young and tender. It then changes and becomes full, strong and heavy during the summer. Then, in the autumn, transitions to brown and yellow. What remains is the dark, almost black foliage and scrub, which sometimes makes winter seem sad. And then it starts again, the green life. 'Grün' shows snapshots of this cycle in a loose order and is an ode to life that arises and passes away, without ceasing." Susann Pönisch

Artist printmaker: Susann Pönisch

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