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Aesthetic Distance

Artist creator: Tim Mosely
Papermaker: Tim Mosely
Categories: Bookwork / Printmakers' Books, Serigraph Print Books, Small Press Books

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Reference no.:L/Mos.T/07.00 Place/Shelf:3EL

Book title: Aesthetic Distance
Published by: Silverwattle Press
Year made: 2007
Place made: Australia
Original: Yes
(No. in Edition)
Dimensions: 165 x 300
Binder: bound by T. Mosely
Physical description: codex, case binding in cloth
Medium: hand made paper, paper pulp printed images, linocuts
Further information:
"Aesthetic distance is a term from the vernacular of the theatre. It refers to the 'physical or psychological separation of an audience from the dramatic action, regarded as .............. necessary to maintain the artistic illusion ..'
Theatre often portrays itself - an illusion about the constructing of an illusion. The (n)Ed Kelly narrative was played out on a stage threaded with many dramas in play. What appears to be the stage can easily turn into the content of another drama on another stage. Edward Kelly was awarded for his courage and bravery as a child, courage that led him on a course of actions that led to a life as a bushranger. What narratives within the (n)Ed Kelly story give it a significance to the Australian public above the stories of so many other bushrangers and what separations does the Australian public need to establish the aesthetic distance required to embrace this bushranger's story?" Tim Mosely

Artist creator: Tim Mosely
Papermaker: Tim Mosely

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IMAGES: Aesthetic Distance

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