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red/ read

Artist creator: Tim Mosely
Papermaker: Tim Mosely
Categories: Bookwork / Printmakers' Books, Serigraph Print Books, Small Press Books

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Reference no.:L/Mos.T/06.05 Place/Shelf:3EL

Book title: red/ read
Published by: Silverwattle Press
Year made: 2006
Place made: Australia
Original: Yes
(No. in Edition)
Dimensions: 220 x 155
Binder: bound by T. Mosely
Physical description: single section paper binding in slipcase
Medium: text, graphics
Further information:
"When NASA first made available the images it was receiving back from its Mars exploration I visited its site. I can vividly recall my immediate response to the images of what are now named the Columbia Hills. My thoughts were about climbing the hills to enjoy the panorama from the peaks. My response indicated how similar the landscape of Mars and Earth are, in particular the desert landscapes. It also surprised me that the terrain itself rather than the phenomenal achievement of the mission drew my first response."
'red/read' is a response to the spectacular results from the NASA explorations on Mars. The names being used to identify features of the landscape as they are mapped are drawn from features from our own planet. The similarity of these terrains despite the immense differences indicate that the same forces mould the surface on each planet, such as wind.

Artist creator: Tim Mosely
Papermaker: Tim Mosely

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