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Madame Realism

Writer: Lynne Tillman
Images/graphics: Kiki Smith
Categories: Bookwork / Image-graphic Books, Multiples, Offset Books, Poetry/Proses/Text Works

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Reference no.:NL/Til.L-Smi.K/84.00 Place/Shelf:3GL

Book title: Madame Realism
Year made: 1984
Place made: USA
Original: Yes
Dimensions: 128 x 203
Binder: commercial binding
Physical description: soft cover, 'perfect ' binding
Medium: text (proses), drawings
Collaborations: The Print Center, Inc
Further information:
Lynne Tillman "returned to the city [New York] in the late ’70s, believing she 'could do everything.' She became close with artists like Kiki Smith, Barbara Kruger, Richard Prince and Craig Owens, the late editor of Art in America. Her new friends were asking her to write essays about art and image for catalogs and journals, which she resisted at first. She was a fiction writer. As a kind of retort, she created the character Madame Realism–a staunch feminist with a voice as judgmental as the narrator of 'Middlemarch' and as direct as the Associated Press–and started to write about art. She finds a way to talk about her subject without really talking about it." M.H Miller
(from the website http://observer.com/2011/03/dont-call-her-experimental-lynne-tillmans-realism-of-indeterminacy/#ixzz35c7KAKUd

Writer: Lynne Tillman
Images/graphics: Kiki Smith

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IMAGES: Madame Realism

Madame Realism - 1

Madame Realism - 2

Madame Realism - 3