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Die Kathedrale

Lithographer: Kurt Schwitters
Categories: Bookwork / Image-graphic Books, Letterpress Books, Planographic Print Books, Printmakers' Books

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Reference no.:H/NL/Sch.K/1920 Place/Shelf:3DL

Book title: Die Kathedrale
Published by: Paul Steegemann Verlag
Year made: 1920
Place made: Germany
Original: Yes
Dimensions: 145 x 240
Physical description: stapled pamphlet
Medium: graphics, text
Further information:
"In 1918, after serving in World War I, Schwitters began publishing his poetry in the Expressionist journal 'Der Sturm' and associating with the artists surrounding this journal and gallery of the same name. The title of Schwitters's book, 'Die Kathedrale', reflects the Expressionists' embrace of the Gothic cathedral as an emblem of unification in the arts. The white square of paper on the cover, part of a wraparound seal added by Schwitters, declares, "Beware: Anti-Dada." At this point, the Dadaists were antagonistic toward Schwitters, whom they considered bourgeois and not sufficiently political." (from the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) website)

Lithographer: Kurt Schwitters

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IMAGES: Die Kathedrale

Die Kathedrale - 1

Die Kathedrale - 2

Die Kathedrale - 3