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Drone 1, 2, 3

Artist creator: François Deschamps
Categories: Bookwork / Digital Books, Multiples, Photobooks

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Reference no.:NL/Des.F/10.00 Place/Shelf:3AR

Book title: Drone 1, 2, 3
Published by: Papyrus Productions
Year made: 2010
Place made: USA
Original: Yes
(No. in Edition)
Dimensions: 305 x 230
Binder: commercial binding
Physical description: 3 pamphlet books in a metal box
Medium: photographs
Collaborations: Visual Studies Workshop
Further information:
"Drone 1 based on the drone as a male bee, creates new images of colonial history.
Drone 2 based on the white noise of a drone, juxtaposes images of the good life in the United States with watercolors of violent scenes from newspapers.
Drone 3 reflects on current events such as the use of drones for combat, video games which desensitize children to remote killing, and suicide bombings which are also a form of remote warfare." François Deschamps

Artist creator: François Deschamps

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