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Intaglio printmaker: Bea Maddock
Categories: Bookwork / Intaglio Print Books, Printmakers' Books

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Reference no.:L/Mad.B/79.00 Place/Shelf:2AR

Book title: Colour
Published by: Printing House Press
Year made: 1979
Place made: Australia
Original: Yes
(No. in Edition)
Dimensions: 225 x 290
Binder: bound by Ilme Simmul
Physical description: stab binding with dust jacket
Medium: etchings
Further information:
"'Colour' is unusual for its non-representational content. Maddock's later books all refer to some aspect of experience outside of the structure of the book and the craft of print, but 'Colour' is almost entirely a bookish image of printing. It is a book of etchings, bound in raw canvas-covered boards with oriental binding, and set in a white, papercovered slipcase. The etched pages are folded so that the open edges are buried in the binding and the fold exhibited at the outside edge (fore-edge). The right-hand-side image in the book and its reverse side, which were initially printed as one page, are thus bound into the book as image and label, back to back, with the label now referring to the image on the previous page, and not to the one immediately following on the right-hand side.

"The etchings in 'Colour' are all veritcal columns of three near-squares of colour, with top and bottom colours being mixed for the middle square. Three sets of etchings are presented using the same colour sequence, but showing its effects through hatched texture, flat colour, then stipple. Generally, the rule is that the bottom colour of one page becomes the top colour of the next; this is violated between moves three to four and four to five in each three sections. The three sections of ten original etchings complete the colour and texture sequences. As you shut the book, there is a sense that the whole sprectrum has been captured..." (p.37 Australian Artists Books, Alex Selentisch)

Intaglio printmaker: Bea Maddock

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