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Tora Bora (Black Dust)

Intaglio printmaker: Art Hazelwood
Writer: Art Hazelwood
Categories: Bookwork / Intaglio Print Books, Experimental Works, Printmakers' Books, Serigraph Print Books, Small Press Books

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Reference no.:L/Haz.A/11.00 Place/Shelf:1A

Book title: Tora Bora (Black Dust)
Year made: 2011
Place made: USA
Original: Yes
(No. in Edition)
Dimensions: 340 x 305
Binder: bound by Pettingell Book Bindery / Art Hazelwood
Physical description: fold out stage with booklet containing the script
Medium: illustrations, text
Collaborations: Klaus-Ullrich Rötzcher
Further information:
"Art Hazelwood engraved the six scenes from the opera Tora Bora. Tora Bora is the name of a mountain cave complex at the center of Afghan contemporary history. The CIA funded the expansion of the caves there to help the Mujahedeen fight the Soviets. The Taliban used them, and it was Osama Bin Laden’s last known address, from where he escaped capture by the US. Even now poppy production and Taliban activity is rampant in this rugged mountain area twenty miles from the Pakistan border." (from Vamp and Tramp website)
To view the play in action go to http://www.arthazelwood.com/prints/torabora/tora-bora.html

Intaglio printmaker: Art Hazelwood
Writer: Art Hazelwood

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IMAGES: Tora Bora (Black Dust)

Tora Bora (Black Dust) - 1

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