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Designer, concept: Peter Malutzki
Letterpress printer: Peter Malutzki
Categories: Bookwork / Letterpress Books, Small Press Books

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Reference no.:L/Ket.I-Mal.P/97-06/98.02 Place/Shelf:3AL

Book title: Leibniz
Year made: 1998
Place made: Germany
Original: Yes
(No. in Edition)
Dimensions: 125 x 200
Binder: bound by Ricarda Rau
Physical description: paper case binding, hard cover
Medium: text
Further information:
The full title reads, 'LEIBNIZ oder der Affe als Buchdrucker', which translates 'Leibniz or the ape as printer of books'.
"This volume tries, with 100 permutations, to visualise the idea of the 'arte combinatoria' of the philosopher, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646-1716)." (p. 182)
"B., ... I only see a lot of letters, but can't make any sense of them. A., That is the fate of many books. But here the case is different. You are experiencing the embryonic state of a huge edifice of thoughts. One can only speculate what shall one day develop out of it." (p. 85) (from the catalogue)

Designer, concept: Peter Malutzki
Letterpress printer: Peter Malutzki

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