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The Slug Pilgrimage

Artist creator: Nicholas Beckett
Categories: Bookwork / Digital Books, Illustrated Books, Image-graphic Books, Small Press Books

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Reference no.:NL/Bec.N/09.00 Place/Shelf:1DL (small books)

Book title: The Slug Pilgrimage
Published by: Neo-Drongo Press
Year made: 2009
Place made: Australia
Original: Yes
Dimensions: 147 x 105
Binder: bound by Rosicolas
Physical description: stitched booklet
Medium: drawings, altered photographs
Further information:
"Way back in 1991 I spent many months scavenging in the wilds of London. It was during this time I found half a torn picturesque book of England. I was a bit obsessed with slugs at the time. here is the result. 13 slugs drawings, and a couple of pieces I wrote at the time." (Note to the new edition.) Nicholas Beckett

Artist creator: Nicholas Beckett

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IMAGES: The Slug Pilgrimage

The Slug Pilgrimage