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A Humument: A Treated Victorian Novel

Images/graphics: Tom Phillips
Categories: Bookwork / Altered Books, Image-graphic Books, Offset Books, Poetry/Proses/Text Works

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Reference no.:NL/Phi.T/12.00 Place/Shelf:4sthER

Book title: A Humument: A Treated Victorian Novel
Published by: Thames and Hudson
Year made: 2012
Place made: UK
Original: No (facsimile)
Dimensions: 130 x 180
Binder: commercial binding
Physical description: hard cover case binding
Medium: altered pages, graphics
Further information:
This is 5th Edition of this now classic work.
"In 1966 artist Tom Phillips set himself a task: to find a second-hand book for threepence and alter every page by painting, collage and cut-up techniques to create an entirely new version. He found his threepenny novel in a junkshop on Peckham Rye, South London. This was an 1892 Victorian obscurity titled A Human Document by W.H Mallock and he titled his altered book A Humument. The first version of all 367 treated pages was published in 1973 since when there have been four revised editions. A Humument is now one of the best known and loved of all 20th Century artist's books and is regarded as a seminal classic of postmodern art.
A Human Document. A Hum(an) (Doc)ument. A Humument." (from the website humuent.com)

Images/graphics: Tom Phillips

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IMAGES: A Humument: A Treated Victorian Novel

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