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No Exit Lines

Designer, concept: Marco Cali
Categories: Bookwork / Digital Books, Poetry/Proses/Text Works, Unbound Works

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Reference no.:NL/Cal.M/13.00 Place/Shelf:1A (AMBruno box 1)

Book title: No Exit Lines
Year made: 2013
Place made: UK
Original: Yes
Dimensions: 145 x 145
Binder: constructed by M Cali
Physical description: folded sheet, with band
Medium: text
Further information:
"The book as theatre, placed square before you. Open each cover, curtains unveil the scene, first left and then right. A set of instructions revealed, a colour hue whispers for each part. You are actor, director, producer, audience. the drama begins." Marco Cali.

This book was produced as part of the AMBruno LINES Project for the London Art Book Fair, 2013.

Designer, concept: Marco Cali

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IMAGES: No Exit Lines

No Exit Lines - 1

No Exit Lines - 2