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ISBN 0-9690745-1-4

Photographer: Brad Brace
Categories: Bookwork / Multiples, Offset Books, Photobooks

Reference no.:NL/Bra.B/red Place/Shelf:4nthBR

Book title: ISBN 0-9690745-1-4
Year made: 1985
Place made: Canada
Original: Yes
Dimensions: 267 x 193
Binder: commercial binding
Physical description: soft cover 'perfect' binding
Medium: photography
Further information:
1980-95 Series of self-published ISBN Bookworks: (full-page bleed photos/weboffset on newsprint/128-1024 pages each. Titles are the same as ISB numbers: "ISBN 0-9690745-0-6", "ISBN 0-9690745-1-4" and "ISBN 0-9690745-2-2". (from The Art Bin website)
This book is not dated. An estimate date has been chosen. If further information is known please contact.

Photographer: Brad Brace

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IMAGES: ISBN 0-9690745-1-4

ISBN 0-9690745-1-4 - 1

ISBN 0-9690745-1-4 - 2

ISBN 0-9690745-1-4 - 3

ISBN 0-9690745-1-4 - 4