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Title (click for details) Artist/s Publisher Year Image
Gesture Painter: Tate Adams
Screen printmaker: Larry Rawling
Binder: Norbert Herold
Lyre Bird Press / Zimmer Editions 2004
Australian Book Arts Journal 7 Editor/publisher: Linda Douglas
Profiled artist: Ron McBurnie
Profiled artist: Dave Wood
Profiled artist: Mike Hudson
Contributor: Lawrence Finn
Contributor: Sandra Wright
Contributor: Sandy Webster
Contributor: Beth Fox
Contributor: Peta Lloyd
Contributor: Barb Adams
Contributor: Robert Barnet Riter
Contributor: Vanessa Berry
Linda Douglas 2011
Australian Book Arts Journal 7
Verso 5 Editor/publisher: Alan Loney
Contributor: Alan Loney
Contributor: Marian Crawford
Contributor: Angela Gardner
Contributor: Richard Seibert
Contributor: Chris Adamson
Contributor: Phil Day
Profiled artist: Julie Chen
Profiled artist: James Johnson
Profiled artist: Cecil Johnson
Profiled artist: Sheree Kinlyside
Profiled artist: Norman McKnight
Profiled artist: Derek Lamb
Profiled artist: Robert Summers
Contributor: Ian Morrison
Alan Loney 2017
Verso 5

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