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Title (click for details) Artist/s Publisher Year Image
The Medium is the Massage Writer: Marshall McLuhan
Designer, concept: Quentin Fiore
Bantam Books and Penguin Books 1967
The Medium is the Massage
Lame Duck: A Discourse on Language Photographer: Marshall Sanders
Writer: Marshall Sanders
- 1979
Lame Duck: A Discourse on Language
Das Buch als Kunstobjekt Curator: Hubert Kretschmer
Publisher: Hubert Kretschmer
Curator: Marie-Louise Schaller
Verlag Hubert Kretschmer 1981
Das Buch als Kunstobjekt
Henri Chopin Curator: Nicholas Zurbrugg
Curator: Marlene Hall
Profiled artist: Henri Chopin
Queensland College of Art Gallery 1992
Henri Chopin
Paper Memory Publisher: Akky van Ogtrop
Painter: Bruce Petty
Photomodifier: Peter Lyssiotis
Writer: George Alexander
Intaglio printmaker: Ron McBurnie
Writer: Elizabeth Springer
Digital image maker: Jan Davis
Writer: Anne Kirker
Relief printmaker: Noel McKenna
Writer: Ivor Indyk
Relief printmaker: Basil Hall
Writer: Naminapu Maymura-White
Digital image maker: Stephen Spurrier
Writer: Craig Carter
Sydney Art on Paper 2005
Paper Memory
Counterblast Writer: Marshall McLuhan
Gingko Press 2011
Freedom of the Presses Editor/publisher: Marshall Weber
Contributor: Tia Blassingame
Booklyn 2018
Freedom of the Presses

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