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Title (click for details) Artist/s Publisher Year Image
JAB 24 Journal of Artists' Books Editor/publisher: Brad Freeman
Editor: Craig Dworkin
Editor: Kyle Schlesinger
Contributor: Susan Vanderborg
Contributor: Tate Shaw
Profiled artist: Chris Burnett
Contributor: Alastair Johnston
Contributor: David Pavelich
Contributor: Elisabeth Long
Contributor: Daniel Mellis
Columbia College Chicago Center for Book and Paper 2008
JAB 24 Journal of Artists' Books
The Blue Notebooks Vol.5 no.1 Editor: Sarah Bodman
Contributor: Doug Spowart
Contributor: Daniel Mellis
Contributor: Mari-Aymone Djeribi
Contributor: Lorelei Clark
Contributor: Sarah Jacobs
Contributor: Anastasia Denysenko
Contributor: Jo Moore
Contributor: Andrew Eason
Contributor: Colin Sackett
Contributor: Kasia Wlaszczyk
Contributor: Klaus von Mirbach
Impact Press UWE 2010
The Blue Notebooks Vol.5 no.1

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