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Title (click for details) Artist/s Publisher Year Image
The Blue Notebooks Vol.2 no.1 Editor: Sarah Bodman
Contributor: Tate Shaw
Contributor: Melanie Bush
Contributor: Emma Powell
Contributor: Joan Ainley
Contributor: Chris Taylor
Contributor: Mike Nicholson
Contributor: Alan Halsey
Contributor: Sarah Jacobs
Contributor: Jackie Batey
Contributor: Manya Doñaque
Impact Press UWE 2007
The Blue Notebooks Vol.2 no.1
Artist's Book Yearbook 2006 – 2007 Editor/publisher: Sarah Bodman
Essay writer: Guy Begbie
Essay writer: Sarah Jacobs
Essay writer: Clifton Meador
Essay writer: Linda Newington
Essay writer: Mike Nicholson
Essay writer: Kyle Schlesinger
Essay writer: Paulo Silveira
Essay writer: Tom Sowden
Essay writer: Jan Voss
Impact Press 2007
Artist's Book Yearbook 2006 – 2007
Cartoons for Joseph Selleny Artist writer: Tom Nicholson
Surpllus Pty Ltd 2014
Cartoons for Joseph Selleny

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