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Title (click for details) Artist/s Publisher Year Image
Artists' Books: a critical anthology and source book Editor: Joan Lyons
Contributor: Lucy Lippard
Contributor: Clive Phillpot
Contributor: Robert C. Morgan
Contributor: Dick Higgins
Contributor: Richard Kostelanetz
Contributor: Shelley Rice
Contributor: Barbara Moore
Contributor: Jon Hendricks
Contributor: Susi R. Bloch
Contributor: Betsy Davids
Contributor: Jim Petrillo
Contributor: Felipe Ehrenberg
Contributor: Magali Lara
Contributor: Javier Cadena
Contributor: Alex Sweetman
Gibbs M. Smith Peregrine Smith Books 1985
Artists' Books: a critical anthology and source book
Printed Matter (bookstore at Dia) Contributor: Clive Phillpot
Contributor: Robin White Owen
Printed Matter Inc 1990
Printed Matter (bookstore at Dia)
Artist/Author Contemporary Artists' Books Editor: Cornelia Lauf
Contributor: Cornelia Lauf
Editor: Clive Phillpot
Contributor: Clive Phillpot
Contributor: Brian Wallis
Contributor: Renée Green
Contributor: Martha Wilson
Contributor: Thomas Padon
Contributor: Glenn O'Brien
D.A.P/ Distributed Art Publishers Inc 1998
Artist/Author Contemporary Artists' Books
Booktrek Writer: Clive Phillpot
JRP Ringier & Les Presses Du Réel 2013

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