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Title (click for details) Artist/s Publisher Year Image
Artists' Books: a critical anthology and source book Editor: Joan Lyons
Contributor: Lucy Lippard
Contributor: Clive Phillpot
Contributor: Robert C. Morgan
Contributor: Dick Higgins
Contributor: Richard Kostelanetz
Contributor: Shelley Rice
Contributor: Barbara Moore
Contributor: Jon Hendricks
Contributor: Susi R. Bloch
Contributor: Betsy Davids
Contributor: Jim Petrillo
Contributor: Felipe Ehrenberg
Contributor: Magali Lara
Contributor: Javier Cadena
Contributor: Alex Sweetman
Gibbs M. Smith Peregrine Smith Books 1985
Artists' Books: a critical anthology and source book
The Blue Notebooks Vol.4 no.2 Editor: Sarah Bodman
Contributor: Karen Hanmer
Contributor: Sally Alatalo
Contributor: Emma Powell
Contributor: Michael Hampton
Contributor: Michael Carosone
Editor: Clinton Cahill
Contributor: Natalie McGrorty
Contributor: Karen Sandhu
Contributor: Andi McGarry
Contributor: Paulo Silveira
Contributor: Richard Price
Impact Press UWE 2010
The Blue Notebooks Vol.4 no.2
Reading Spaces Profiled artist: Caren Florance
Poet: Melinda Smith
Poet: Angela Gardner
Poet: Owen Bullock
Poet: Sarah Rice
Collaborator: Louise Curham
Collaborator: Monica Carroll
Collaborator: Philip Gross
Collaborator: Nicci Haynes
Collaborator: Shane Strange
Collaborator: Jen Webb
University of Canberra, ACT 2017
Reading Spaces

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