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Title (click for details) Artist/s Publisher Year Image
The Fables of Aesop Relief printmaker: John Ryrie
Canning Street Press 1991
The Fables of Aesop
Trees Ladders Relief printmaker: John Ryrie
Poet: Alex Selenitsch
Publisher: Alex Selenitsch
Hybrid Productions 1995
Trees Ladders
The Look of Love Photomonteur: Peter Lyssiotis
Writer: Scott McQuire
Publisher: Peter Lyssiotis
Binder: Nick Doslov
Letterpress printer: John Ryrie
Masterthief 1998
The Look of Love
Mnemopolis Poet: Alex Selenitsch
Photomodifier: Peter Lyssiotis
Letterpress printer: John Ryrie
Binder: Alex Selenitsch
Hybrid Productions/ Masterthief 2000
The Selfish Giant Relief printmaker: John Ryrie
Writer: Oscar Wilde
- 2007
The Selfish Giant

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