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Writer: Clive Phillpot
Categories: Reference / Essays

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Reference no.:R/Phi.C/13.00

Book title: Booktrek
Published by: JRP Ringier & Les Presses Du RĂ©el
Year made: 2013
Place made: Switzerland
Original: Yes
Dimensions: 150 x 210
Binder: commercial binding
Physical description: soft cover, 'perfect' binding
Further information:
This volume gathers together the essays written by Clive Phillpot since 1972 on the definition and development of artists' books. In his words, "Artists' books are understood to be books or booklets produced by the artist using mass-production methods, and in (theoretically) unlimited numbers, in which the artist documents or realizes art ideas or artworks." (from the publisher's website)

Writer: Clive Phillpot

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